Victoriana inspired winter baby coat

Here are finished pictures of the winter coat project. So pleased with how this turned out.

I aimed at 12-18 months for sizing but in a stroke of what may possibly be genius, I upsized slightly, added sleeve turn-ups, made it full length and placed buttons so that they could be let out for growth. This, I am hoping, will buy us 2 years service. The plan is to wear with turn-up sleeve cuffs this year as well as being a full length coat. Next year the sleeves turn down and the coat sits just below the knee. There is also room to move the buttons so that the middle can be let out if needed next year.

The photos don’t do the fabric justice at all. It’s a luxurious blue velveteen. A very deep blue colour. Sets Ellie’s eyes off lovely. The full fleece lining makes for a very warm coat that will see her through a couple of cold winters.

It looks lovely on, albeit a tad large. But she is only 10 months so I think the fit is right for the size I was targetting . We’ve already had many compliments. Especially about how expensive it looks. I get too smug of a look on my face to keep quiet so the bragging rights have been exercised a couple of times ;-)

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