Bandana Dribble Bib

Free sewing pattern for Bandana Dribble Bibs.

  • Make in co-ordinating fabrics to go with babies’outfits.
  • A great look for baby and a practical solution to help alleviate sore skin under the chin.
  • These bibs sew up in minutes and are very simple to make.


Bandana Dribble Bib Sewing Pattern
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20 Responses to Bandana Dribble Bib

  1. kez2912 says:

    Hi there, Trying to download this pattern but think i must be doing something wrong!!

    • H says:

      you need to add the pattern to the shopping cart — click through purchase as if it was a paid for pattern. The screen may say directing to paypal or pay by paypal but don’t worry – it won’t do this as it is a zero value product. After you click through all the checkout pages you should see a confirmation screen. You will receive a unique download code and link to the download page to the email address you supplied. Click the link in the email – type in the code and you should get a prompt to download the pdf. If you are still struggling pm me your email and I will send you the file myself. H

  2. kez2912 says:

    I have recieved the email with the code, but nothing else!! It is very possible i am being stupid and cant see what im meant to click on!!! My e mail is Thanks x x x

    • H says:

      The link to click is in the same email as the code. You must be missing it somehow. I have sent you a copy of the PDF direct to your email anyway so hopefully you have that now. Any other problems feel free to get in touch :-)

  3. Nat Ives says:

    Hi , I may be being a bit silly here, but are the seam allowances already included in the pattern , or do I add to the measurements . ( sorry I’m new at sewing from patterns)

    • H says:

      Seam allowances are already included in all my patterns. I can’t remember what it was for this one – it should be stated in the instructions. But don’t worry too much – for the bibs it doesn’t really matter if your measurements end up out as you can adjust the fit with where you place the fasteners :-)
      Happy sewing – H

  4. Joyce Phillips says:

    Sorry I may not be doing it right but can’t seem to download free pattern for Bandana Bibs. Could you please email it to me. Thanks

    • H says:

      Hi, I am happy to email the PDF but may I ask that you first have a look in the FAQ to see if that resolves your issues. I have recently updated it with more detailed instruction for common problems encountered with the downloads and would like to see if this helps the small percentage of users that are having problems getting their files. If you still don’t have any joy then please message me back and I will email over a copy (if you could also let me know more specifics on your problem downloading to help me try to clean things up for future users that would be much appreciated). Thanks in advance for your patience – H :-)

  5. elise green says:

    hi as above i followed the instructions and no pattern, can you please email it to me, thank you

    • H says:

      Could you please give me an idea where the problem is? Did you not receive an email with the download link? Or is the problem actually downloading the file? Please refer to FAQ to see if this helps and let me know. H :-)

  6. Lindsey says:

    Hi, so sorry but i have received the email but it has no link in it?
    Could you please email me the pdf?
    Thanks :-)

    • H says:

      Are you sure? You need to scroll down the email to where is says ‘Download Details’ and the link is in there. I may be wrong but I think the shop won’t send the email out with no link to the downloads. Please check the FAQ for further clarification on where to look. If it definitelty isn’t in there could I please ask that you forward the email to me at so that I can troubleshoot the issue (and I will send out the PDF file by return). With thanks- H.

  7. joanne allen says:

    Hi i’v purchased a few patterns this morning, but have had no email through with the download links. I wondered if you could help?
    Thanks xx

    • H says:

      I’ve manually pushed this one through for you. Sometimes it seems that the emails can take up to a day to go out – depending on paypal telling the shop to automatically release the patterns. – H

  8. Becky hank says:

    This is adorable and appropriate for a special needs child in my daughter’s school. She has gotten too old to be wearing a traditional baby bib and her teacher asked me if I could make her some type of big kid bib for her drooling. My 10 year old daughter who works as a mentor with the special needs children wants to make some as well so that she has a whole wardrobe of bib options.
    Thank you!

  9. Karen says:

    Thanks for sharing the pattern. Lovely site and beautiful little girl. I have a beautiful grown-up Ellie!

  10. kvh says:

    Thanks so much for the pattern. I too had some problems downloading but I went to the FAQ section, clicked the link there, and then entered the code and downloaded the pattern. Thanks!

  11. Linda Hachey says:

    I really would like to have a copy of your baby bib. My grandson drools so much I would love to make the bibs for him. Please let me know if I can have it sent to my email. Have a great day

  12. Nicola Wilks says:

    I love these bibs! Here is a link to my blog with a picture of one of the bibs I made using your pattern:


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