How to make a milk bib

With a spare half hour this morning I decided to whip up a couple of milk bibs using the bamboo and fleece that was still hanging around in abundance. I figured it was a nice follow up to the bandana dribble bib and they are going to be really useful for keeping Ellie’s neck dry to give the milk/dribble rash chance to properly clear up.

I used the bamboo for the top layer – to soak up spills and the fleece for the backing – to keep her skin dry. Basically what I was aiming for was something that was a cosy fit around the neck to stop milk seeping down under the bib (which is a common problem with the store bought bibs I have been using), with enough bib portion to dab those milky dribbles and catch any returns courtesy of the possetting.

Here’s a quick summary of how I made my bibs:-

1) Cut pieces. I used a long, straight piece for the neck cuff and a shaped piece for the main bib portion. You can download my pattern template for free from the store if you don’t want to draw your own.


2) Pin the main bib pieces together, right sides facing, leaving the top of the bib open, and sew. Trim seam edges and turn right side out.



3) Place bib into the neck cuff – with right sides facing, pin the neck strip together and insert the body of the bib in the centre – like a sandwich. Sew this edge and trim/serge.


4) This is the most tricky bit. Tightly roll the bib into itself and inside the neck cuff. Then pin the other side of the neck so that the roll is trapped inside.

Sew this seam taking care not to catch any of the rolled fabric in the seam.

5) Turn the bib right side out, seam the open edge shut and add fastenings. I used poppers due to my ‘velco on bibs’ aversion!

Test bib on baby! It works a dream – she just wolfed down a bottle of milk and for the first time has dry skin because the bib is a snug fit around her neck and the bamboo/fleece combo works brilliantly to mop up any mess. I think the key is using a super absorbant fabric and having a thick wad of fabric that is snug around the neck to stop milk dribbles. Mine look a bit like she is wearing a towel around her neck as they are quite thick. But they do the job better than any I have been able to buy and they are so easy to make – I am running off a batch as soon as we get back from baby swim class!

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